The Lorax is a Wonderful Film; John Carter is Just another Disney Flick

‘Lorax’ trumps ‘John Carter’ with $39.1M weekend

“Dr. Seuss’ the Lorax” has easily beaten Edgar Rice Burroughs‘ “John Carter” at the weekend box office.

Studio estimates Sunday put Universal Pictures’ “The Lorax” at No. 1 for the second-straight weekend as the animated adventure based on the children’s book took in $39.1 million. That raised its 10-day domestic total to $122 million, making “The Lorax” the top-grossing movie released this year.

“John Carter,” based on “Tarzan” creator Burroughs’ tales of the interplanetary adventurer, opened in second-place with $30.6 million. That’s an awful start given the whopping $250 million that Disney reportedly spent to make “John Carter,” which also earned generally poor reviews that will hurt its long-term prospects.

‘Lorax’ trumps ‘John Carter’ with $39.1M weekend

I saw the Lorax this weekend. It was wonderful. It was a tree hugging, singing extravaganza sure to warm the heart of every environmentalist living while scaring Fox News into new bouts of barely sane rants. Yes, the word is wonderful!

At the beginning of the film, the infatuated teen goes over to see the gorgeous red headed girl across the street and she says, “I think if someone brought me a tree, I would just marry them on the spot.” The five year old three seats over turned to his mother and said, “I think I know what happens now.” Yeah, we know what happens next.

James Pilant

Here is the trailer!!

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