Govloop Hits 60,000 Members – You should join!

Wow – this week we hit a new milestone as Santiago Hernandez of Department of Justice in Corpus Christi, Texas became the 60,000th member on GovLoop. All I can say is – that’s awesome. You rock!

It’s amazing to see what was just a simple idea to share ideas in government has turned into the largest knowledge network for government with members across the U.S. and across the globe.
Govloop is a social network for public employees, federal, state and local. If you fall into that group (for instance, like me, faculty at a state institution) maybe you should consider joining. I like the network and I am rooting for its greater success.
We live in an age where electronic networking is becoming more and more important.
Build your connections. Build your influence. Build a better life.
James Pilant
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