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Winged Victory for the Gem of the Week
Winged Victory for the Gem of the Week

Gem of the Week

When I write a blog post I either begin or end by seeking out other opinions. Sometimes, the search comes up with little. There are many web sites which simply repeat other content. I need original content to illustrate my points and add depth to my subject. Often, I am delighted to find “gems,” wonderful web sites packed with delightful writing that is both new and easily quotable.

Each week, I select one of these blogs that strikes me as significant in its intelligence and originality. This week the blog is The Oldspeak Journal.

Originating in May of 2010, the Oldspeak Journal is not shy about addressing major issues. The last article I quoted was on the Fukushima disaster. Today’s article is “Welcome To The “Era Of Persistent Conflict”: Pentagon Bracing For Public Dissent Over Climate & Energy Shocks.” The range of the material is breathtaking.

James Pilant

Here’s a particularly delicious quote from the July 9th posting, “How Cryptography Is A Key Weapon In The Fight Against Empire States’ Campaign For Global Control.”

“This is why Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, the late
Aaron Schwartz and other of their ilk are have been pursued, persecuted
&  prosecuted with such relentless ferocity. They understand that
information, truthful information, has profound and transformative power to change the world for the betterment of all.  They understand that the new slavery is digital,
and are selflessly trying to liberate our minds and bodies  by widely
disseminating previously secret, truthful information.  They understand
that information is not “aiding our enemies” as our controllers tell us;
it’s liberating them and us as well. It’s leveling the playing field.
It’s exposing lies, corruption, exploitation, murder, illegality,
subjugation, greed, sociopathy,  and countless other manner of aberrant
and destructive behaviors  that are putting our civilization and planet
in peril while being used to control us and take advantage of our
ignorance.  They understand that truthful information is key to
protecting civil liberties, human and planetary rights. People are
currently being controlled quite effectively with yodabites of false
information.  Assange et al understand that it’s in our controllers best
interests to keep our attention focused on triviality and not reality.
The small portions of truthful information that have disseminated are
already having significant effects. Independent journalists and
whistleblowers are the preeminent threat to the Supra-Governmental
Corporate Network. It it why they are being held up as dangerous enemies
of the state.  Elites must suppress their efforts at all costs for the
terminally corrupted system they’ve created to continue to function at
status quo. Total freedom of information is a powerful agent of
democracy and equality. Elites are doing all they can to prevent it from
becoming reality. Computer code is the new nuclear bomb. Our
controllers cannot allow The People’s finger to be on the button.”

Here’s another from the May 29th, 2013 posting, Rise Up or Die: (This is as good as blogging gets. jp)

It is time to build radical mass movements that defy all formal centers of power and make concessions to none. It is time to employ the harsh language of open rebellion and class warfare. It is time to march to the beat of our own drum. The law historically has been a very imperfect tool for justice, as African-Americans know, but now it is exclusively the handmaiden of our corporate oppressors; now it is a mechanism of injustice. It was our corporate overlords who launched this war. Not us. Revolt will see us branded as criminals. Revolt will push us into the shadows. And yet, if we do not revolt we can no longer use the word “hope.”

Herman Melville’s “Moby-Dick” grasps the dark soul of global capitalism. We are all aboard the doomed ship Pequod, a name connected to an Indian tribe eradicated by genocide, and Ahab is in charge. “All my means are sane,” Ahab says, “my motive and my object mad.” We are sailing on a maniacal voyage of self-destruction, and no one in a position of authority, even if he or she sees what lies ahead, is willing or able to stop it. Those on the Pequod who had a conscience, including Starbuck, did not have the courage to defy Ahab. The ship and its crew were doomed by habit, cowardice and hubris. Melville’s warning must become ours. Rise up or die.

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