The Cruelty of Racial Prejudice

Portrait of a young Choctaw woman her body tur...
Portrait of a young Choctaw woman her body turned to the left, her head turned back to the front, and her gaze directed toward the viewer. She wears a pair of earrings and an off-the-shoulder garment made of animal skin. Her long dark hair is parted in the middle and falls down over her back, Oil on canvas, 30 x 25 in. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some of my Hispanic students have commented at one time or another about the problems of having lived in nations (or having relatives in those nations) where there is a mainly Spanish descended ruling class, a more middle group of Spanish/indigenous mix bloods and the indigenous peoples. This is confirmation of what they have told me. Being on the lowest rung makes life difficult and conveys a sense of powerlessness.

I’ll let the article speak for itself.

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Indigenous Woman Gives Birth On Hospital Lawn In Mexico After Doctors Denied Her Care

An indigenous woman squats in pain after giving birth, her newborn still bound by the umbilical cord and lying on the ground. It\’s a photograph that horrified Mexicans because of where it took place: the lawn outside a medical clinic where the woman had been denied help, and it struck a nerve in a country where inequity is still pervasive.

The government of the southern state of Oaxaca announced Wednesday that it has suspended the health center\’s director, Dr. Adrian Cruz, while officials conduct state and federal investigations into the Oct. 2 incident.

The mother, Irma Lopez, 29, told The Associated Press that she and her husband were turned away from the health center by a nurse who said she was only eight months pregnant and \”still not ready\” to deliver.

The nurse told her to go outside and walk, and said a doctor could check her in the morning, Lopez said. But an hour and a half later, her water broke, and Lopez gave birth to a son, her third child, while grabbing the wall of a house next to the clinic.

\”I didn\’t want to deliver like this. It was so ugly and with so much pain,\” she said, adding she was alone for the birth because her husband was trying to persuade the nurse to call for help.

A witness took the photo and gave%

via Indigenous Woman Gives Birth On Hospital Lawn In Mexico After Doctors Denied Her Care.

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The film When The Mountain Trembles portrays the interaction between the

U.S. government and the elected Socialist Guatemalan government. In the

scene with the dinner between the president and the U.S. ambassador key

issues such as land reform, structural equality, and Unites States

corporations holding too much land and not paying taxes discussed by the

president and his wife. The Ambassador gets a very troubled look on his

face and states how the U.S is becoming troubled by their activities

and violently calls them “communists”. After the president tries to

explain how all their programs are and how he would feel different if he

spent more time in the country, the Ambassador essentially tells them

that if they don’t stop their reforms and penalties against U.S.

Corporation then there will be trouble. The scene then goes to display

how the U.S. set up a coup against the Guatemalan government in a scene

where a CIA agent says to a Guatemalan General “How Would you like for

us to help your country become a democracy?” The film then zips to

Arbenz surrendering office as the military coup moves in. This video

clearly demonstrates the reasons that provoked U.S. intervention,

nationalization of U.S. assets in the country, structural change that

infringes on U.S economic interests and political actions that make the

U.S. fear for “another Cuba” representing their wishes to deter

Soviet Communism in the Central and South America. …

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