Josh Barro Clobbers Niall Ferguson


Josh Barro Clobbers Niall Ferguson


In spite of our dramatically different political views, Josh Barro is beginning to grow on me. Certainly, this is just delightful, some good rhetorical punches are being thrown here!


James Pilant


Panelist Economic Historian Niall Ferguson at ...
Panelist Economic Historian Niall Ferguson at “Special World Debate” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Niall Ferguson uses Twitter science to prove he’s better than everyone.


The reason Ferguson wants to talk about civility is that he can\’t talk about not being full of crap. Ferguson trades on his academic credentials to write popular articles that contain misleading and false claims. His writing causes readers to come away with a worse understanding of the economy than they entered with. He is changing the world for the worse.


My contention is not that we haven\’t been uncivil to Ferguson. We definitely have. My contention is that he deserves it.


via Niall Ferguson uses Twitter science to prove he’s better than everyone..

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From the web site, The Inverse Square (This is a fun web site – please go visit. jp).

Too much to do today to go all John Foster Dulles on Harvard’s Folly, but I can’t leave this without noting that if Niall’s honestly not scared of Krugman (he is), he should be.


Cases in point here and here and here and here.  This isn’t a fair fight.  Ferguson has the debate chops and the accent, but nothing else. Krugman has both technical skill and the willingness to engage actual data to gut the Harvard Bully Boy on the actual merits of the argument.  That Ferguson plays better on TV is his reason for being, but not a recommendation.  (BTW — for a devastating synoptic view of Ferguson’s style and (lack of) substance — and his pure nastiness in the service of the 1%, check out this overview.)