Incredible Footage of Reusable Rocket, The Future of Space Exploration

Incredible Footage of Reusable Rocket, The Future of Space Exploration

Writing about business ethics from day to day is an excruciating experience. You are constantly bombarded by some of the worst of human behavior and lots of villains. It is similar in some sense to the cop on the beat who only sees the worst of human behavior. It pushes one toward cynicism and doubt about the human condition.

Fortunately, there are counter currents of humans at their best, humans struggling to do the right thing. Here is one of them.


James Pilant

Ares I Rocket First Stage (June 2008)
Ares I Rocket First Stage (June 2008) (Photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center)

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From the web site, The Rocketry Blog. (And if you want to see more footage of this incredible vehicle – this web site has them. jp)

“SpaceX’s Grasshopper doubled its highest leap to date to rise 24 stories or 80.1 meters (262.8 feet) today, hovering for approximately 34 seconds and landing safely using closed loop thrust vector and throttle control.  Grasshopper touched down with its most accurate precision thus far on the centermost part of the launch pad.  At touchdown, the thrust to weight ratio of the vehicle was greater than one, proving a key landing algorithm for Falcon 9.  Today’s test was completed at SpaceX’s rocket development facility in McGregor, Texas.” – SpaceX

This thing is huge so pulling this off is quite incredible and SpaceX continues to push this technology in its test. I looking forward to one day seeing the Falcon 9 return this way.