Dan Bodine Philosophizes!

Ligustrum japonicum
Ligustrum japonicum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dan Bodine Philosophizes!


My colleague in the blogging world, Dan Bodine, has a new post. Please go to his site and read it in full. It is well worth your time and will almost certainly inspire you to subscribe to the site.


James Pilant


Starting over with 3 ill-fated “Wax Leaf Ligustrums | Desert Mountain Times




Being an old country philosopher has job security. Unlike when younger, you don’t worry much about anything that’s unusual. Relatively speaking, of course!


You’ve already got everything all figured out – say “themes in life” people or things automatically fit in — and when something strange does happen, all you gotta do is drop it in the nearest-matching mental slot; and then don’t worry about it. Sooner or later it’ll fit. …


via Starting over with 3 ill-fated “Wax Leaf Ligustrums | Desert Mountain Times.


From around the web.


From the web site, SugarbelleShoots.  (You should go to the site and see his wonderful pictures of the flowers. jp)




These flowering bushes are just starting to bloom along the boardwalk in
Carolina Beach. I am acutely aware of this due to my chronic sneezing
fits whenever I pass them. I had to know what they are…google and I have
decided they are known as the Wax Leaf Privet or Japanese Privet.
However, I just call them sneeze flowers.



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