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Kerncentrale Doel gezien vanop de rechteroever van de Schelde (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daring to Change, a recommended site.

Karen Fu was kind enough to comment on my recent article on the nuclear scandal in South Korea. Her comments are below. I visited her web site, Daring to Change, which is well written and impressive. I am now a follower though WordPress.

James Pilant

Daring to Change | ©2008-2013 Karen Fu – About Changes we need to improve the human condition (MCN:W059E-25E97-AD799)

When you have people who lack integrity, anything can become a disaster. And when you let such people manage highly combustible nuclear energy, you are courting suicide. The economic attractiveness of using the fuel is often the main lure for using such energy. Ironically, it is that efficiency of using very little to produce that much that fuels potential safety threats both to heath and to the environment. The main issue with all these problems often do not come from the technology itself, but from the people who are behind these technologies. Man can be his own enemy or ally depending on the kind of belief he has. With wisdom intact, nuclear energy should be best scrapped at the current way social politics/ social economics is run. For all you know a nuclear plant run for power energy lines may well be used for nuclear weapons of mass destruction.- Karen Fu

via Daring to Change | ©2008-2013 Karen Fu – About Changes we need to improve the human condition (MCN:W059E-25E97-AD799).

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From the web site, Daring to Change.


When you have the money, the world talks to you. But that doesn’t mean

everyone is genuinely wanting to be real friends to you. Try haze, any

kind of haze, and see how many will truly come to the rescue instead of

planning to leave the moment your contaminants grow beyond their

interests. It’s the emphasis of genuine friendship that is hard to make.

So is the make of a society – one, that is dependent on nothing much

beyond material needs, is never a great place of humanity and justice

which will garner the truest and the best of friends. And do not

undermine such loyal friends, whom some may not be as seen as the

so-called wealthy; they may well be your founding blocks of success for

sustainable peace and prosperity. – two cents from the equator at the

sight of haze, Karen Fu

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  1. Hi Prof Pilant, many thanks for recommending my site. It’s my pleasure to share with you and all my modest thoughts on life and everything that concerns with it for a better tomorrow. Please feel welcomed to comment and debate.


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