Culpable Homocide?

Culpable Homocide?

I’m not familiar with the term but it sounds like the reckless behavior associated in the United States with one of the degrees of manslaughter. Will any justice be done here? I don’t know. I intend to wait and see but I am confidant there were no real penalties for the American companies misusing this vulnerable population.

James Pilant

Bangladesh Factory Owners Charged In Deadly Fire

Police charged the owners of a Bangladeshi garment factory and 11 employees with culpable homicide Sunday for alleged negligence leading to the death of 112 workers in a raging fire that engulfed the factory last year.

It was the first time Bangladeshi authorities had sought to prosecute factory owners in the world\’s second-largest garment industry. A series of recent deadly disasters — including the Nov. 24, 2012, fire and a factory collapse in April that killed more than 1,100 workers — exposed how harsh and often unsafe conditions can be for many of the country\’s 4 million workers providing clothing to major Western retailers.

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