Occupy Wall Street Has Only Begun

Occupy Wall Street Has Only Begun

We have planted new ideas in the political discussion from outside the incompetent and insular beltway. And these ideas aren’t going away.

James Pilant

The Year in Inequality: Lots of words, but will actions follow? | Al Jazeera America

Occupy Wall Street began more than two years ago with a bang as loud as a thousand bongo drums. It essentially vanished from the public eye a few months later when New York police cordoned off Zuccotti Park and forcibly removed its new occupants under the cover of night and a media blackout.

But despite its quick end two years ago, the conversation Occupy started is just beginning to gain traction in the United States.

OWS members may no longer be on street corners, but the movement’s vocabulary of economic injustice, previously common only on college campuses, has become more accessible to a wide variety of Americans.

This year, as the disparity between rich and poor continued to grow to levels not seen since 1928, the nation’s new consciousness about the economy allowed income inequality to take hold of the country’s conscience.

Indeed, 2013 was the year of thinking and talking about income inequality.

via The Year in Inequality: Lots of words, but will actions follow? | Al Jazeera America.

2 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street Has Only Begun

  1. Feeling about the same way, James. Thanks for a bit of New Year’s cheer. I grew up in Texas in the old-fashioned fiscally conservative/social liberal days. Last couple of decades has been depressing, with far-right/GOP governing and powerful thrusts by teapartiers at practically all levels. And you can’t really say a fever is broken now. But you can sense the temperature has gone down some, not just from no”election year yapping,” but simply more and more people are getting the feeling that “trickle-down economics” guts both a nation’s infrastructure and the spirit that drives its people, allows them to believe in themselves as well as their country. With those things in doubt, yes the momentum of change gathers. As the 2014 state and congressional elections approach, I’ve a feeling we’ll see quite a few “worms” turn. Thanks again for the uptick.


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