No Qualified Women for Thirty Years?

No Qualified Women for Thirty Years?

I applaud Apple for deciding to look for women to sit on their board of directors. However, apparently for a long time, one has been enough. It’s time to change.

James Pilant

No Excuse for Apple’s Binders Full of Women Problem | Kathleen Reardon

Thanks to Apple shareholders, the company\’s board nominating committee will now be \”actively seeking out highly qualified women.\” Which raises the question: What has the committee been doing for more than three decades? Apparently the same thing they\’ve been doing about minorities, since the woman currently on the board is also its only member of a minority group.

Worse still, Apple finds it necessary to specify that such women must be \”highly qualified.\” The implication is that they\’re hard to find or that the good ones are all taken. I could have a list, with bios, in 20 minutes. Who couldn\’t?

This is more than a little reminiscent of Mitt Romney\’s \”binders full of women\” comment that revealed how out-of-touch he was with the issue of women\’s equality at work.

News flash for Apple: A woman as far back as 1993 to 1996 was NASA\’s Chief Scientist. You might want to check her math and management skills. See if she\’d be considered \”highly qualified.\” Then there\’s NASA\’s 2013 astronaut class, which is 50 percent women.

via No Excuse for Apple’s Binders Full of Women Problem | Kathleen Reardon.