The Ethics Sage Looks at College Athletics

The Ethics Sage Looks at College Athletics

Steven Mintz, the Ethics Sage, and my friend has taken on the topic of whether or not our college athletes are actually getting an education. As always, I recommend you go to his site and read the whole thing as well as putting it on your favorites.

James Pilant

Are Colleges and the NCAA failing our Student-Athletes? – Ethics Sage

Looking beyond Willingham and the UNC case, NCAA sports are big business, with millions of dollars at stake for winning programs. The NCAA oversees the behavior of institutions and puts schools on probation for gross violations of the code of conduct, such as recently happened to USC, Ohio State and Penn State. Why should it turn a blind eye at recruiting standards for athlete-scholars and graduation rates? If the NCAA can oversee the way in which college sports programs are organized and run, why not impose penalties on schools with a graduation rate below standards? Of course, the devil is in the details because a school can simply graduate a college-athlete without holding him to the same standards as other graduates.

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