What in the Hell??? Is Self Pleasure the Same as War?

006thWhat in the Hell??? Is Self Pleasure the Same as War? (It is in Idaho.)

(Please go down to the article I am talking about and read it first – it’s okay if you read and think it’s a parody from the Onion. Here is a link to the film that is being discussed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lhxv-lcChGM. I don’t know if you should watch the film. I don’t think anybody anywhere should see this film but you have to make that choice for yourself. But in case you are wondering, the film literally compares masturbation to war.)

I have students in my class who are veterans. Some have been blown up by IED’s. I don’t doubt that all have been changed by their experiences.

This leads me to my next and what I consider an obvious point – Masturbation is not equivalent to war.

Furthermore, it seems to me that Brigham Young University’s Housing and Student Living Office has way too much money and way too much time on their hands, and a woeful lack of intelligent leadership.

Or I can I just simplify my criticism – they’re just weird. That’s with a capital W. And an exclamation point! – Weird!

I foolishly thought anti-masturbation was so nineteenth century. Apparently that century has a lot of fans in Idaho. It’s fortunate they don’t like the fifteenth, they could have an Inquisition. Of course, they could always combine the two and have an anti-masturbation Inquisition complete with chanting monks and a rack. But this is the 21st century, so they made an “educational” film.

And think about this, if masturbation is equivalent to war, what is sex equivalent to – Armageddon, perhaps the Apocalypse? If they make a film about actual sex, will the climax of the film be the practitioners literally exploding?

I guess we’ll have to wait for their next production. You want to know my guess for the next film: Reefer Madness II, the Reckoning.

James Pilant

BYU-Idaho Anti-Masturbation Video Compares Self-Pleasure To War

A PSA by Brigham Young University–Idaho’s Housing and Student Living Office compares masturbation to the battlefield and those who pleasure themselves to wounded soldiers. The takeaway seems to be something along the lines of “friends don’t let friends masturbate.”

The video begins with a young male who appears to be watching porn with his door open (as is the de facto way), but the spot then takes a decidedly strange turn.

“The young man is spiritually wounded on the battlefield of the Great War,” university President Kim B. Clark says in a voiceover before the scene transitions into a grim battlefield. “In our modern society, the enemy has spread fear of getting involved when someone’s in trouble and has fostered a social stigma against people who speak up in the face of evil.”

Clark finally puts out a call to action: “Don’t be silent. Don’t leave the wounded on the battlefield.”

via BYU-Idaho Anti-Masturbation Video Compares Self-Pleasure To War.

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We all know the Catholic strictures about masturbation, and how you can suffer eternally for unconfessed onanism. What I didn’t realize is that the Mormons also regard “self abuse,” depicted in the video below as an implied consequence of watching online pornography, as something with dire consequences.

This video, narrated by Kim B. Clark, president of Brigham Young University (the world’s most famous Mormon college), depicts a college student watching internet porn as the equivalent of a soldier wounded in battle. And those who know and ignore his “addiction” are compared to soldiers who ignore that wounded comrade. The film urges those in the know to report the onanistic miscreant to their bishop or another authority figure.

As the film ends, the self-abuser, who has clearly been subject to that intervention, is now depicted as having a healthy attitude toward the opposite sex, while the tattle-tale looks on.