Endless Love, Lamest Ad

PsycheEndless Love, Lamest Ad

As a user of You Tube, I have been afflicted with seeing the ad for this movie dozens of times. I can’t help but notice that this movie (itself a remake) looks like hundreds of other films. Not to mention the fact that the ad made me want to run away from the vicinity of any movie house desperate enough to show it. What kind of love-sick puppy would find this kind of movie compelling? The wrong side of the tracks love story has been a staple of America, since Horatio Alger decided that saving the bosses’ daughter from impending doom was a likely possible way to get ahead in the world. I don’t see anything here, that is clever or new. It’s always possible to take an old seemingly used up plot and re-create it in a new and exciting way. They didn’t bother in this case.

Endless Love might better be entitled “Continued Pain.”

If you want romance this Valentine’s day, watch “Ghost” or “While You Were Sleeping.” Have a good time this Valentine’s day. Rediscover the magic of romance. Run away from remakes and old plots.

James Pilant

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To enjoy Endless Love one must swoon over sappy greeting-card notions of affection, pretty teens with empty heads and endless romantic clichés.

Everyone else will be rolling their eyes at the predictability of every pseudo-twist and the timing of every longing glance.

Endless Love (* ½ out of four; rated PG-13; opens Friday nationwide) might as well be one long montage of yearning gazes, tender kisses and lovers splashing in sundry bodies of water like playful otters. The dialogue relies mostly on overheated narration and by-the-book romantic declarations such as: “I know I’m not good enough for you, but I’m going to spend my entire life proving that I am!”