My Heart is with the Ukrainians in the Street

Ukraine protests Dec 1 2013_by_Gnatoush_005My Heart is with the Ukrainians in the Street

For the first time in my “goody two shoes” life, I want off the safe path. I wish I were there on the streets of Kiev, and not here, safe.

James Pilant

Medic: 70 protesters killed, 500 wounded in Kiev – Yahoo News

“The price of freedom is too high but Ukrainians are paying it,” said Viktor Danilyuk, a 30-year-old protester. “We have no choice, the government isn’t hearing us.”

via Medic: 70 protesters killed, 500 wounded in Kiev – Yahoo News.

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From the web site, Cynthia Yildirim’s Web Blog.

The protest is about the Ukraine governments recent deal with Russia, the people are against it. Also, recently a law was passed banning protest, so of course that must also be protested. The Ukrainian people are calling the new government under their president Viktor Yanukovich totalitarian. They are calling for the president to resign, and the deal to end with Russia, and for the EU deal to go through.  Viktor Yanukovich has not explained to the people why he entered the deal with Russia, yesterday he asked for a compromise of some type. The protest continue, and the police have surrounded the protesters on both sides, and the protesters have put up barricades of buses, and fires.  – CY