The Cop is Your Friend?

The Cop is Your Friend?

Does this sound more military than police? Overwhelming force and an over adherence to rules when an intelligent person would use judgement. I teach criminal justice and I emphasize over and over again that judgment is the key to a good criminal justice professional. Did you notice there was a certain element of “Do you have your papers? ” Sounds like Casablanca.

Watch above. It’s an Austin Police Department training film.

James Pilant

An Austin, Texas woman was arrested for jaywalking while jogging, not having I.D.

An Austin, Texas man was sitting in a downtown Starbucks when he noticed police handing out citations for jaywalking. The police shouted at a young woman who was jogging with her headphones and apparently didn’t hear them. They grabbed her and immediately handcuffed her. When she couldn’t produce identification, she was arrested. Who jogs with state-issued identification? Live Leak user “Oneirishman” picked up his camera and began filming. His eyewitness account, posted at Live Leak:

Sitting at Starbucks, on the corner of 24th and San Antonio, I noticed a particularly odd situation.Two Austin Police Officers standing outside the Castilian just lingering. Every time I looked back there was a different student holding a carbon copy of what looked to be a jay walking citation. Suddenly one of the cops shouts at an innocent girl jogging with her headphones on through West Campus. He wobbled after her and grabbed her by the arm. Startled and not knowing it was a cop, she jerked her arm away. The cop viewed this as resisting arrest and proceeded to grab both arms tightly, placing her in handcuffs. She repeatedly pleaded with them saying that she was just exercising and to let her go. She repeatedly cried out, “I did not do anything wrong…just give me the ticket.” The%2

via An Austin, Texas woman was arrested for jaywalking while jogging, not having I.D..

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From the web site, Occupy Cyberspace.

Finally an admission. An Austin Police Officer admits in court yesterday during a pre-trial hearing, that almost from the Beginning, Occupy Austin was infiltrated by Police, who acted as instigators. Officers also had role in making possible illegal device used in Occupy Houston protest.

An Austin police officer has testified in a pre-trial hearing in Houston about allegations he encouraged criminal behavior as an undercover agent in the Occupy movement.

We did some digging and found court documents from Houston that reveal activists’ allegations that Austin Police Department Detective Shannon Dowell pushed them to break the law.