The Lottery Scammers Are Back Out In Force!

img5aThe Lottery Scammers Are Back Out In Force!

There is no one in the world the lottery scammers prefer as targets than the elderly. Please be aware that when a lottery calls and identifies you as a winner, that it is against the law to demand any payment to get the money.

James Pilant

Foreign lottery schemes impact elderly customers | Your Postal Blog

Postal Inspectors across the country have observed a sharp increase in the number of scams targeting older Americans in recent years. Seniors are being victimized by foreign lotteries, sweepstakes, and other frauds, and some of these nefarious ploys are carried out through the mail. Jamaica has been a point of origin for many of these scams, and the relentlessness of scam artists is steadily increasing.

In the scam, consumers are told they have won a lottery and asked to mail or wire money upfront to obtain their winnings. These false claims only end up with drained consumer bank accounts as the scammers collect their payday. No legitimate lottery will ask for money up front to collect winnings.

via Foreign lottery schemes impact elderly customers | Your Postal Blog.

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From the web site, Internet Scam.

Just as you thought phishing and vishing are the current trend in Internet scam, this news might surprised you. Email lottery scams are on the rise, and you should be aware of it.

The email lottery scam begins with an email asking your attention that you have just won a lottery, and you need to contact a claims “agent” to collect your winning prize. When you contact the so-called agent by email, you are asked to identify yourself by submitting your personal information as well as copies of your passport and driving license. By doing so, the scammer will have enough information to steal your identity.