Fukushima children start school, flee radiation — Associated Press; Mayor Dr. Sugenoya speaks, “Matsumoto Boarding School Project for the Children of Fukushima”

The people of Fukushima have lost faith in government assurances of safety, so they send their children to distant schools.

Japan Safety : Nuclear Energy Updates

” MATSUMOTO, Japan (AP) — The 12-year-old girl didn’t want to leave her younger brother, and her grandparents didn’t want her to go away. But a family living near the “no-go zone” surrounding Japan’s destroyed nuclear plant has other things to consider.

Yukie Hashimoto and her husband sent their daughter 300 kilometers (200 miles) away to the picturesque ski town of Matsumoto, where the mayor offered to take in and educate young people living in the shadow of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant.

Research has not shown the children to be in clear danger from exposure to low-dose radiation, but mistrust of the authorities remains high. The Hashimoto family, and the parents of seven other children, accepted the offer.

“I didn’t really believe things are as safe as the government is telling us,” said Hashimoto, who lives in Koriyama, about 30 kilometers (20 miles) west of the 20-kilometer no-go zone…

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