This Business of Food

Good writing – good thinking!

Surviving Stoopididty

When I was a child I remember the garden that was on my great grandmother’s property. I remember having to pick bushels of green beans and other vegetables and I remember her cellar wall being filled with row after row of mason jars of can goods. Weather it was poultry, pork, venison or beef, meat like most of our food, came from the backyard, fish and crab came from the river. A home cooked meal was just that, a meal that was not just cooked at home but was home grown and home prepared as well. There was no immediate need for a grocery store, a drive thru, or The Food Network channel for us to eat good. Society has changed, we are choosing fast food over our kitchens and processed food over our gardens. Farming has become a business that has compromised its methods and the nutrition of its…

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