My Letter to the FCC Board

This is an excellent, eloquent piece of writing directed at the FCC. If you are going to write a letter in the same spirit, you should use some of these points! jp

The Sky Thief

Public opinions are now open via an official FCC email regarding the proposed net neutrality rules proposed this week by the board and Chairman Wheeler. This is what I wrote. You can send your own at and I urge you to do so.
To FCC Board Members and Chairman Wheeler,

My name is Wes Smith, and I wanted to make a statement regarding the proposed net neutrality regulations recently put forth by the board members of your committee. I do not feel that these proposed rules will leave a positive effect on the internet and will ultimately hurt consumers, stifle innovation, and establish a harmful precedent for future technological advances.

I understand that Mr. Wheeler has stated that there will careful regulation of business practices, essentially stating that companies purchasing faster access to customers is ok so long as internet providers do not place other websites in a…

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