Net Neutrality, A Student Site!

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I search the Internet for sites of interest almost daily. There are so many sites with great writing and a lot of passion. They often are up for a year or six month, … and then there are no more posts. It’s like the skeleton left after a body decomposes.

So, I try to encourage people to post and keep on posting. I ran across this student, David Watson, and his web site on net neutrality. I like his attitude and his writing.

Please give him a read and encourage him to continue posting and developing his ideas.

James Pilant

Net Neutrality, Don’t get caught in the slow lane!

We connect to the web using pipes owned by major telephone and cable companies. These companies such as Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner, and AT & T want to change that. They want to establish their own parts of the web, and to make sites pay them more money to use it.  Now they would like to charge you for access to the network, and then charge you again for the things you do while you’re online. These big companies want to set up a restricted fast-lane on the internet, a fast-lane that would only be usable for their partners and services that have complied with the additional fees. In order to achieve this, these companies will be destroying one of the internet’s founding principles known as net neutrality.

This issue is meaningful to me because if net neutrality becomes a reality, innovators who want to start small and work there way up to the top and become the big thing will be shut out of the big picture and their dreams will be destroyed. There are rules in place to prevent internet service providers from blocking or “unreasonable discriminating” against any legal website or other piece of online content. If they eliminate net neutrality, they will be destroying one of the internet’s founding principles known as net neutrality. These rules guarantee equal opportunities for all web sites and internet technologies. Without those rules, the internet will turn into how you can buy a cable package today that has some channels and excludes others.