I have my big girl pants on – but am I a “real” adult? (via Ashley Cray)

It’s a very gradual process as you mature. By maturity I mean developing your reasoning, intelligence, learning from experience, – getting a little wisdom.

You will discover if you haven’t already that men often have difficulty transitioning and, of course, some women. They will remain forever children in a very real sense – they learn nothing and the years of high school are the greatest years of their lives.

You don’t have anything to worry about. It’s obvious you’re thinking, that means you are still developing. Thinking people do quite well when it comes to maturing and developing their adult persona.

Of course, there is always going to be one problem.

Let me tell you a story. — I was at a home for the elderly. There was a man there about 75, very conservatively dressed. I actually seem to recall him wearing a Homburg. He was not a resident. He was a visitor. He was pushing his mother in a wheel chair. She was berating him for his shortcomings like he was ten years old. I remember sitting there thinking, “It’s nevery going to stop. There are going to be people who will never see me as an adult.”

You’ll have the same problem. There will always be people who don’t want to let that child transform into an adult. Indulge them a little. Old age is rough. If you have ever seen a fifty year old business man wearing leathers and riding a Harley, you have some idea of how rough it is for many people to adapt.

But once again, you’re not someone that I need to worry about.

Best wishes,

James Alan Pilant

I have my big girl pants on - but am I a "real" adult? The other day I stumbled upon a blog post from All Groan Up called “Ill feel like an Adult When…” This realllllly  got me thinking about being a “real” adult.  I dont look like an adult.  I dont act like an adult.  But my age deems me as being a “Young Adult.” I pay my bills. I have a mortgage. I have a car payment. I vote. I go to the Doctors office alone. My insurance is in my name. I do my own grocery shopping. I have a career-type job. … Read More

via Ashley Cray

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