Justin Lookadoo Found Drunk

Justin Lookadoo Found Drunk

Humiliated Sexist Conservative ‘Christian’ Gets Arrested For Being Drunk In Public On Same Day He Was Supposed To Speak To Teens

via – Humiliated Sexist Conservative ‘Christian’ Gets Arrested For Being Drunk In Public On Same Day He Was Supposed To Speak To Teens.

What Was He Selling?

My perception is that a good number of people get drunk all the time and generally, it’s not worth much discussion. Hopefully, they do it privately and avoid harming themselves or others. But there are circumstances when my business ethics radar senses a blip.

What is Justin Lookadoo’s job? What does he sell? He sells morality and a particularly twisted sort of “Christian” morality. Lookadoo lectures on males being wild and untamed while females should be as domesticated as possible. Having read some of the content, that he believes women should be subservient would be an accurate summation. He goes to high schools and explains to the students such nuggets of wisdom as – “Dateable girls know how to shut up.” Schools pay him for this. From what I can ascertain he makes a living from tax money that was given to schools for abstinence programs. You might assume that he is a Texas phenomenon because of the recent press. Don’t believe that. He sells his “motivational message” all over the United States. His web site suggests thousands of presentations.

A major idea in American culture is usually phrased, “You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk.” Hypocrisy is a common malady. We all have beliefs that we are not able to always live up to. But most of the time our hypocrisy is limited. Few of us are willing to sell things that we would not use ourselves. Few of us practice a profession out of alignment with our own beliefs. And it’s not so much that he was drunk but that he was scheduled to speak. His hypocrisy directly affected his performance.

Where’s the Business Ethics?

Justin Lookadoo advertises himself as a Christian motivational speaker whose presentations are designed to reinforce the importance of high moral values and character for teens. He sells a form or morality which he is unable to maintain in his own life.

But that’s not the big issue here. This man is hired to give messages to teens in schools across the country. It would appear that his “Christian” misogynistic presentations of powerful males and dutiful females are much approved by school boards and administrators.

I have no objection to Christians or motivational speakers in school. Nevertheless, a school system has a responsibility to vet these people before they hire them. Where was the process in this case? There were already red flags raised about this man on the internet before the drinking incident. And yet he was scheduled to speak to middle school students on that same day. I find it hard to think of a more impressionable group of young people than middle school students being told by the adults that this is an important speaker with an important message.

How hard would it have been to check him out online? It took me according to my computer, .28 seconds to Google him and it pulled up such cautionary tales as this one back in 2013.

But the thing that troubles me most is the labeling here. Put the word, Christian, in front of a speaker or high school presenter and for thousands of school administrators and school boards, that is all they need to hear. That’s wrong. You vet all the speakers. You check out the internet and call the schools where whoever it was gave their last presentation. Because using the adjective, Christian, does not make it so.

Our children deserve the same basic precautions for every speaker advertised as Christian or not.

James Pilant

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The school hasn’t yet said how it paid Lookadoo’s speaking fees, but a PDF on his Web site offers the following helpful advice.

Justin has a variety of programs suitable for all age groups and all kinds of schools.He is covered under many federal programs, including Safe and Drug Free Schools, Campus Improvement, Title I, Title IV, Character Education, Abstinence Education, Pregnancy Prevention, Tobacco Prevention, and many others.


Why in the world would any public school have a man in to teach the students about dating and relationships whose book comes down to, men are the architects of their own lives and women are the furnishings. Please excuse me while I bang my head against the wall.


As mothers, university professors, specialists in the field of psychology, mental health, sexuality and gender for almost 20 years, and yes, Christians, we are taken aback by and incredibly disappointed in your message.

2 thoughts on “Justin Lookadoo Found Drunk

  1. My friend, this is 2-faced, religious fundamentalism undercurrents you’ve jumped off into here, whacky waters that’ve driven schizoid politics in Texas probably since the first caveman discovered his first meat-headed stick! Of course it doesn’t make sense!
    Good article you posted though. Thanks.


    1. I went to one of those high schools where the religious hucksters visited all the time. I remember all that nonsense and wish we had some substantive teachings instead. After I wrote that I became more troubled when I realized that it was highly likely the schools wanted his message of female obedience and male privilege. jp


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