Business Ethics Links 7-18-2016 It’s too damn hot edition!

It’s too damn hot. 

Climate Central’s States at Risk project analyzed historic trends in summer temperatures since 1970 as well as projections for future extreme heat for hundreds of metro areas across the lower 48 states. Using several measures, our findings show that most U.S. cities have already experienced large increases in extreme summer heat and absolute humidity, which together can cause serious heat-related health problems.

We found that scores of U.S. cities home to tens of millions of people will face dramatic increases in dangerous and extreme heat days by the middle of this century if current greenhouse gas emissions trends continue.

NFL to chip balls!!

According to John Kryk of the Toronto Sun (h/t Seifert), the primary objective of the chips is to determine the prospective impact of shortening the distance between the goal posts. The NFL aims to measure how close extra-point and field-goal attempts come to the uprights.

Girls are born to stay at home – or die.

Less than 50% of American high schoolers get adequate sex education. 

The US does not enforce national standards for sex education and schools in many states are not required to teach it. Across the country, SIECUS estimates, only 50% of high school students receive sex education that meets the recommendations of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The other half of students receive anything from an incomplete sex education, to education that emphasizes abstinence, to abstinence-only education, with a focus on delaying sex until heterosexual marriage.

The End of Civilization? 

You can only get whiter than this with bleach!!!

It's too damn hot!
It’s too damn hot!

Wall Street Journal rates restaurants on liberal/conservative customer ratios. 

Pravda on the plains?

Canned wine now acceptable – (just like a beer!). 

A highway knows as the big worm – corruption in Brazil. 

Mental health care bill passes Congress. 

State sponsored doping? 

Politico Perishes? 

Is assassination by drone a war crime? 

One problem has, however, dogged the drone program from the beginning: just like conventional air strikes, remotely targeted missiles and bombs tend to kill the wrong people. Over the last seven years, the count of civilians killed by drones has been mounting. Actual figures are hard to come by, although a number of nongovernmental organizations and journalists have done a good job of collating information from a variety of sources and offering reasonable estimates.

Kaine PAIN!

Public College Presidents’ Pay Too High!