“Harry Potter” Banned at Private School

“Harry Potter” Banned at Private School

My son grew up with Harry Potter. We bought the books and read them together – and then we went to the theater and saw the movies. Later we acquired the movies on disks and other media.

I’m sure it helped him develop his reading skills. (In grade school, he got a certificate for the million words read challenge.)

And now, we have this, a school banning Harry Potter. I guess where “he who must not be named” failed in eliminating the young wizard, the school has taken up the challenge. But I don’t think they are going to do any better.

I have to admit the story piqued my curiosity. Did they ban the works of C.S. Lewis, let their charges attempt escape from their dreary teachings through a portal in a wardrobe? Did they ban “The Hobbit” and the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy? We may safely assume that all of Douglas Adams work is not in the school library.

It is entirely possible in their tireless pursuit of witch friendly materials, these muggles may well have banned reruns of televisions, “Bewitched” and the many episodes of “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.”

You have to admire their tenacity. There is something of the frustration of the game of whack a mole in trying to cleanse our culture of the hope of something beyond our reality.

Of course, I find the school system and their ban to be nonsensical. They’ve made themselves ridiculous or should I say ” Riddikulus ?”

And you have to wonder – if their faith is so frail that it can’t stand the entertaining saga of Harry Potter, how well are they likely to fair against the challenges of the real world?

James Pilant

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