Boeing Fires CEO

Boeing fires CEO.

Shouldn’t they have done that after the two crashes? I mean letting the numbers guys determine the design of a “new” plane was a stroke of anti-genius that will be studied in the annals of both business ethics and engineering.

I’m just an old fashioned guy who thinks that giant airliners that transport millions of human being should be designed by engineers, you know, people who love the miracle of flight and have respect for the dangers.

But no!! We live in the modern age when any business graduate can be paid immense salaries to squeeze every last dime out of design while overruling experts in their field (and the can also outsource all the computer programming to people working for 8 dollars an hour).

The idea that our business graduates can work in any field, govern in any endeavor, and impose their judgement over experience and skill is probably the most pernicious of this new century.

James Pilant