I’m Alive

About three weeks ago, I came down with the flu. Considering the symptoms which included chest pain, light headedness – and other symptoms of the Coronavirus, I’m pretty confident that is what I had.

The flu itself last for two weeks, fourteen days. There were days when I did not think it likely I would emerge.

But I have.

So, now what. I have been given a gift few experience, a life threatening event and survival.

What now? I’ve been writing this blog with varying degrees of intensity since 2006. Sometimes, I used to write four or five times a week and more lately a few times a year.

Now, I want to write about twice a week and this time I want to write about the basics of business ethics. What they mean and what they are about.

I read about a book some years ago about the French Existentialists. Many of them participated in the Resistance. And when Paris was liberated they celebrated madly and believed with all their hearts and souls that the world was going to be different. But in the days that followed they resumed their routines of drinking and the delights of the opposite sex – and their new world never materialized.

It takes a great deal of commitment to actually change. We’ll have to see if I have what it takes.

James Pilant