Hydrogen Production and Sosei Advantage (via Water Team)

I loved this article. It was not only informative but it took some fairly difficult science and made it seem simple.

Of course, I have the secondary motive of contributing to a better energy future. This is one of many kinds of technology that are inevitable in a world where fossil fuel is becoming more expensive and harder to get.

I have read a number of the posts from this site. Many of them are about water and water supplies. This is a site for any one interested in the field. I liked it.

James Pilant

Hydrogen Production and Sosei Advantage   Image via Wikipedia Today, there are  numerous efforts to produce  hydrogen gas for environmentally friendly energy applications which either require expensive reactants, reagents, catalysts or other energy sources.  Some emit other harmful gases or  result in other undesirable consequences from extended, extensive use.  Here is a video which offers clear insight into why Dr. Fukai’s Sosei Water is in a keystone position to connect society … Read More

via Water Team

Coal, Oil and Gas Companies Need Your TAX Dollars

Coal, Oil and Gas Companies Need Your TAX Dollars

It seems that Kentucky lawmakers are upset with the President’s new budget. It seems that every year, the government of the United States has brought Kentucky a pretty pony, 230 million dollars subsidizing the coal industry! Wow, can we in Arkansas get a pretty pony like that one?  I’m sure we produce something that destroys the environment, we claim is a competitive industry and is in reality dependent on taking public money and converting it to private use.

Oh, but let’s not forget the oil and gas industry. They stand to lose 3.6 billion a year in subsidies. That’s right. When you go to the gas pump, think favorably of the federal government because they use your money to help that industry. Thus, when you buy gas you save money because the pass the money back to you. Wait a minute! Good Lord!! They don’t have to give the money back. They can keep it. Well, then what are we getting here? A single oil company, Exxon Mobil, made only 19.3 billion dollars last year. So we know as Americans we need to stand up and be counted to keep that company from going under. Nineteen point three billion dollars is chicken feed. So, we need to keep that money rolling in. We must not let the charitable institutions represented by the American oil and gas industry suffer economic loss (or a cut in profits!). Think of their children!