Dogs Becoming Latest Casualty Of S. Fla. Foreclosures (via CBS Miami)

Isn’t this pitiful. We live in a country where the recession has gotten so severe that families are unable to keep their pets.

James Pilant

HOMESTEAD (CBS4) – Near the border of where rural meets desolate you'll see them: Packs of dogs roaming Homestead and Florida City. The animals are clearly on their own.  They look starved, thirsty, and many appear injured.  And Everglades National Park ranger Mirta Maltez sees them all the time.  She calls out to the dogs around an abandoned house as she gives us a tour on her own time. "We took out five yesterday and we have five to go." Maltez … Read More

via CBS Miami

Pets to Benefit from Holiday Cheer

Generally speaking the occasional pet story doesn’t bother me. However this was the leading or top story on CBS News’ web site. The only other thing going on was the crisis in the treasury department and the Federal Reserve Board. And they have mentioned the largest economic crisis since the Great Depression. Now I freely admit that later in the business news they became more serious. But really, doesn’t this belong in the “popular” news or how about just moving it down a hair so it isn’t the number one story.