Pets to Benefit from Holiday Cheer

Generally speaking the occasional pet story doesn’t bother me. However this was the leading or top story on CBS News’ web site. The only other thing going on was the crisis in the treasury department and the Federal Reserve Board. And they have mentioned the largest economic crisis since the Great Depression. Now I freely admit that later in the business news they became more serious. But really, doesn’t this belong in the “popular” news or how about just moving it down a hair so it isn’t the number one story.

3 thoughts on “Pets to Benefit from Holiday Cheer

  1. Sorry if this is wrong place to comment but this is in response to comments you left at my blog post.

    I have since changed my views slightly. I never thought introducing religion to more aspects of life was a good thing but a lesser of the two evils (a godless society). But I have hope in a third option. The latest generation 18- 24 who are now getting into business have seen their families or maybe themselves “screwed” in some way, making the victims of unethical business behavior. (eg mortgage crisis right now). Perhaps they will bring with them a sense of importance towards ethics. (eg Harvard (?) students taking an ethics oath)


      1. I think you’re right about those gathering harsh lessons. I’ve spoken over the years with many survivors of the depression and they always lived in fear that something like that would happen again. Only with the passing of that generation has this host of evils been fully unleashed upon us. We, who live now, carry a burden to speak about what has happened until the inevitable passing of our generation. jp


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