Islam’s Business Teachings

hmlbr09Islam’s Business Teachings

There are many negative stereotypes about Islam in the United States. Many foolishly belief that Islam is the same everywhere. Like Christianity, Islam has many branches.

I want to call your attention, gentle reader, to the ethical teachings of Islam in regard to business practices. Islam has particular teachings about the ethics of business. It provides guidance to its members in the business community.

Quoting from a Washington Post article:

But Islam has its own detailed system of business ethics, including a ban on interest-bearing loans and stocks and aversions to debt, hording and overvaluing. And it is becoming more of an issue as Muslims’ affluence and interest in business grows — something visible in classes such as the Fairfax Institute’s and in the appearance of Islam-friendly mutual funds and establishment of Islamic finance programs at universities such as Rice in Houston and James Madison in Harrisonburg, Va.

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