Too Many Business Ethical Failures

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When I was eighteen I remember watching an interview with Art Buchwald, the great political humorist. He was asked if he had difficulty finding material to write about each week. He laughed and said that during the Watergate scandal his columns wrote themselves. He said writing under the Ford administration was much tougher. There wasn’t a scandal a day.

When I want to write about a business failing what I believe are its duties, it takes about a minute of internet searching. A particularly juicy one takes about five minutes. There is far more than I can write about. This ought to please me in some small way but it doesnt. This is a tidal wave of misconduct.

I teach Business Ethics. Have I got a chance against a tidal wave of misconduct? When confronted by a stubborn business culture that refuses to follow the dictates of conscience, religion or the public interest, do I just drown? What’s my answer?

You fight. What’s right is right and that you may very well not prevail is not the first consideration. The first consideration is whether or not you are doing what is right in the eyes of God and man. So, I fight.

James Pilant

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