Chamber of Commerce Stacks the Deck

Truth. We are taught to respect it. It might be said that truth is the basis of morality and ethics. Certainly the search for truth is the basis of modern science.

But the United States Chamber of Commerce already knows the truth. To paraphrase the movie, Treasure of Sierra Madre, “They don’t need no stinking research.”

In a series of memos, the Chamber explains that it has decided to pay $50,000 dollars to a “well-respected economist” to write a study explaining that the health care bill will cost jobs.

“The economist will then circulate a sign-on letter to hundreds of other economists saying that the bill will kill jobs and hurt the economy. We will then be able to use this open letter to produce advertisements, and as a powerful lobbying and grass-roots document.”

This the Chamber’s procedure. We decide on a result. We hire someone who “looks” respectable but has the morals of a syphilitic serial killer. He conducts a study predesigned to our conclusion. We get the research result we want and we can call it science.

Tell me, what does this say about the organization and its lobbying effort?

2 thoughts on “Chamber of Commerce Stacks the Deck

  1. Marilyn Smith

    I do believe PILANT’S BUSINESS BLOG has it correct, as to the MODE OF OPERANDI OF THE CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE..They operate like evil children…”well, Larry’s mom said he could do it”, then that makes it okay. ASSUMPTIONS are not REALITY…remember the WMD’S that were never found in IRAQ? Look at the money that is working behind the scenes,,,,,and who is spewing out the lobbying messages.

    Do not forget these organizations have made lots of the money being used to SELL you FROM THE VARIOUS GOVERNMENTAL CONTRACTS…

    They are a sickening crowd….THEIR MANTRA…. get that Joe Paycheck and his little income…so WE can have bigger bite and keep them fooled with ” OUR MEDACIOUS MESSAGES”…glib dishonest and advertising…..


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