United States Attacks Financial Fraud Two Years Late

Justice must be seen to be done. A society in which the wealthy or well connected get different justice than others is a society in real trouble.

When someone murders someone, you start looking immediately. When you have a theft you go and start asking questions. But if you are American financial institutions, you get a two year head start.

The Obama administration has decided to launch “a sustained, multilevel attack on financial fraud.”

Isn’t that just precious? They’re on the job!

I can’t help but wonder why people who stole billions of dollars, moved many Americans into poverty and missed totally destroying the world’s economic system by a hairs breath get two years to dispose of the evidence and develop new schemes of raping the public.

I have to ask if this government and this president are serious in any way at pursuing the financial malfeasance of those who have made large campaign contributions.

Morality and ethics demand that criminals be brought to justice. But not only that, simple logic dictates that they who have victimized millions should be priority targets for investigation.