No More Text Books?

No More Text Books?

A Georgia Legislator has introduced a bill to allow school districts the choice of buying electronic media instead of text books. (from the article) –  …the state Board of Education would have to sign off on the change to give local school boards the option of buying Kindles, iPads and other next-generation devices in lieu of bound books.

My question is not whether or not that this is the way children communicate now but whether or not it cuts cost. My principle concern is to cut the costs my students pay for textbooks. In Community College with relatively inexpensive tuition, textbook can account for more than a fourth of student costs. This is not fair.

I would like for the State of Arkansas to consider allowing the replacement of textbooks with electronic media with just such a measure but not just for school districts but for public colleges across the state.

Look at this news article:

James Pilant