The Economic Indicators That Matter

The Economic Indicators That Matter

Jon Talton admits that unemployment is a serious problem and an indicator of economic health but he wants to be sure that appropriate attention is focused on wages and incomes. His concern is highlighted by a USA Today study that indicates that private sector pay checks are at the lowest level of proportion of income in history.

I would ask the following questions – Can a nation prosper continually seeking the cheapest labor? Can a nation prosper when jobs are continuously cycled outside the country? Can a nation prosper if over time a larger and larger proportion of its workers are temps, sub-contractors, or part timers?

What happens when there are no manufacturing jobs here? What will happen when income continues to drop? How will the nation pay for things? What will we do for a tax base? What will we do if we go to war and we can’t make anything? Can we throw money or perhaps credit cards at an advancing army with tanks and planes and expect them to leave?

Do you really want to live in a country where the only jobs are service industry jobs that cater to fewer and fewer people as incomes drop?

Can  we do something different here in the United States besides letting this happen?