Student Loan Debt, A Crisis?

Student Loan Debt, A Crisis?

Rod Dreher writes about student loans and prudent educational expenditures. (He doesn’t think loans are a good idea.)

At the time I read his musing there were more than forty comments. You should give those a look, very perceptive comments, not what I find on many web sites. (I am most fortunate with the comments on mine.)

I am less than impressed by the student loan system in the United States.

(I was going to write this great big article talking about all the problems and incredible stupidity in paying for education this way and then, I thought about it. We can’t stop banks from gambling on $600,000,000,000 of derivatives. [World GNP is about 60 trillion] They can destroy our way of life, our entire economy, and the rest of the worlds leaving only subsistence farming. We can’t do that. What chance is there to protect students just out of high school from banking predators? There isn’t any. They are sheep. They live only to be sheared. They have no protectors, no legislators, no federal agency, and no public concern. What point is there is me telling you how foolish this is? I can’t think of any.)