Ethics Round Up – June 2nd 2010


The invaluable Alain Sherter writing on B Net discusses the rating agencies.

Loren Steffy from the Houston Chronicle discusses the costs of the current off shore oil ban in the gulf. (I freely admit this article does not seem ethics based but Loren Steffy’s content is heavily ethics laden, and I lay good odds he’s working up a good head of steam to smack down some wrong doing in a column.)

Chris MacDonald has a new one today discussing the many ethical facets of international trade. (I’ll probably be writing more about this one, but he included a pdf article about “adversarial ethics in business” and I think I should work through it before making a comment.)

Bob Allen writing in the Associated Baptist Press tells of Robert Parham’s contention that the gulf spill is a moral issue. (I went and took a look at Robert Parham’s Baptist Center for Ethics. Once I get a good feel for the organization I will write about it.)

Jon Talton’s blood is up at the Seattle Times with very few kind words for the President. He’s writing about Warren Buffett and rating agencies but I think the most important thing in the article is his opinion about the President’s policies.

Jay Hancock of the Baltimore Sun discusses the Great Recession and mental depression. (Hancock is more of a consumer advocate than an ethicist.)

Edward Lotterman writing for covers the subject of professional sports and monopolization with a definite ethical tone and (speaking as a lawyer) an excellent grasp of the legal issues.

David Moon writing for points out with tongue in cheek that corporate annual reports make good fiction reading. But more than funny there are some good insights here.

Jeffrey Seglin on his blog, The Right Thing, discusses the ethics of underpaying a newspaper box. (This guy’s internet foot print is bigger than an elephant’s.)

A little video on Aristotle’s ethical views –

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