I ran across the Ethicsdaily web site while checking for new commentary from the Associated Baptist Press. (I mentioned this in an earlier posting.) I went to the web site and read many of the editorial content, sermons, etc. It’s a good site. Obviously, it is Christian advocacy. I have no trouble, whatsoever with this (being a Christian myself), but that’s not what I am doing here. I am dealing with business ethics. So, after careful search, I discovered that there is material on the site that applies Christian ethics to business. That is very important to me. I strongly, strongly believe that religion has a great deal to tell us about morality and to provide us with guidance to make good decisions. I believe there should be religious component to all business ethics textbooks.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want business ethics textbooks that attempt to convert people to one religion or another. What I do want is the Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and Islamic teachings on business ethics to be taught to business students as legitimate choices of moral guidance.

So, there will on this web site, discussions of and links to articles from Ethics Daily, but only those with a great deal of relevance to business. There is great number of articles on the site but I only think that four or five a month are likely to be on point.

I’m telling you this because I am trying to put the best stuff on business ethics I can find on this site. It is not a small task and I suspect that I will make many mistakes as to who should be talked about, etc. But, here I am, putting this right out in the open, so that you know that I do think about these things, that I do have to work at this and I do respect and appreciate the thoughts of others in making these decisions.

I want to make a better world. I think if I can collect good business ethics writing and put it on this site regularly that maybe, just maybe, more people will read it, think about it and use it. (I like to think I have significant things to say as well but you probably gathered that.)

I want to do the right thing. I want to do this as well as my powers of judgment allow. If you want to advise me and help me make these choices, charge right in. I don’t mind intelligent criticism.


James Pilant