Elizabeth Warren Should Be The Head Of The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

I am calling for Elizabeth Warren to made the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I am not a great voice in the press or in politics, but I am a voice on the internet in my small way. Sometimes an issue comes along where ethics and morality demand action. We have labored under a system is which the consumer has often been little more than a prey animal – rabbits to be cultivated as long as profit is possible and discarded when not. Elizabeth Warren has fought for the incomes, the rights and sustainability of the American middle class. This fight has been abandoned by the politicians of both parties. This is a test for the current administration. Will it be Warren or a corporate flack? This is a turning point for the current government. If they have no willingness to defend the public from such vicious predation, where will they draw the line to fight for the public interest or is there a line at all.

James Pilant

This is Elizabeth Warren discussing the coming commercial real estate market –