What Do I Hope to Get Out of an Ethics Class? (#1) (via Suzysushi’s Blog)

I discovered this thoughtful and personal reflection on ethics. This is ethics from a student perspective from one whose life is in turmoil and wants the class to apply to that turmoil. I like what the writer has to say and want to encourage her to say more. So, please give it a read, and if you are in a generous mood make a comment if only to say, “Good Writing.” Beginning bloggers need to feel some contact out there. Help them along.

I am a little behind in getting my blog going. I have a bunch of unpleasant personal stuff going on, including being laid off a few weeks ago. I think, therefore, my first blog entries are going to be based on more of a personal bent than might be expected. I am in a very strange place emotionally at the moment, and I have been riding a roller coaster of feelings since the start of this year. At this moment, I am both cynical and hopeful — an in … Read More

via Suzysushi's Blog