An Eleven Million Dollar Christmas Tree??

From Huffington Post

United Arab Emirates – An Abu Dhabi luxury hotel that boasted an $11 million Christmas tree decorated with gold and gems admitted Sunday it may have taken the holiday spirit a bit too far.

A statement from the Emirates Palace hotel said it regretted “attempts to overload” the Christmas tree tradition by adorning it with premium bling including gold, rubies, diamonds and other precious stones from a hotel jeweler.

They celebrate Christmas in Abu Dhabi? with an 11 million dollar tree? with real jewels and diamonds?

Thorsten Veblen used to write about conspicuous consumption. It’s a pity he missed this one. I think conspicuous is a weak work in this case.

I think I’ll go with narcissistic aggressive ostentation.

It’s like an insult to all the other middle class trees.

There is supposed to be some kind of symbolism here. I could hypothesize here abut what that symbolism could be but really all that’s going on is a massive case of kitsch.

James Pilant

P.S. If you want to stay there, they have a million dollar package that enables you to stay for a week.