Experimenting with Thought Experiments (via Grand Strategy: The View from Oregon)

This is great, quite a coincidence in fact. I have been reading a lot of philosophy lately and had been reading, I believe, it was Rortybomb who had an interesting discussion of Rawls and the “veil of ignorance.” Before that, I had been watching videos about Aristotle which was then beefed up by a very kind comment by The Ethics Sage, Steven Mintz. So, I go to see what’s cooking at Grand Strategy: The View from Oregon, and it’s an essay quoting Rawls and comparing his writing to Aristotle’s. Of course, it is thoughtful and in depth as all of his work.

I’m just grateful. This is keeping me on the path. Thanks!

James Pilant

Experimenting with Thought Experiments Saturday Yesterday in Risk Management: A Personal View I asked the question, in relation to John Rawls' thought experiment involving choosing a just society from behind a veil of ignorance, "How would Aristotle’s Great Souled Man judge a society from behind a veil of ignorance?" Here is Rawls' original formulation of his thought experiment: "…no one knows his place in society, his class position or social status, nor does anyone know his fortun … Read More

via Grand Strategy: The View from Oregon