Good or Evil? It Depends. (via Words Have Consequences)

Our author here believes that we can draw parallels and lessons from popular literature. So do I. I tell my students that literature tells you how people think, relate and improve themselves. It makes the reader subtle and develops insights.

Read to understand, read for knowledge, read to build judgment. Read so that you live at least a little while in your life in the company of others that you can have real insight into. Because very seldom in our lives do we bother to spend a few minutes understanding another.

Follow the writer’s thinking and see what you think.

James Pilant

Good or Evil?  It Depends. On my 24th birthday, I received a gift which, little did I know would change my life.  My friend Matt gave me a book.  Now, at the time, I was not to thrilled with receiving a book for my birthday.  I wanted money or a gift certificate or something, other than a book.  I was not, what one might call, an avid reader.  So I thanked him for the book and put it on my shelf, which at that point consisted of cardboard boxes sitting on their sides.  Aft … Read More

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