What on earth is S365? (via (B)LogtheLeg)

The debt ceiling agreement clobbers grad students. It makes it harder to get loans for those working toward advanced degrees. We in this country need to encourage education not just at the bachelor level but at all levels. We don’t just live to make money but to extend our civilization. It’s important to continue this process.

Let’s cut grad students a break and maintain their ability to stay in school.

James Pilant

Based on the timing on this post, I think you can infer it's the debt ceiling bill that passed the House earlier. But let's go a bit in depth, and discuss something which I don't believe was discussed on the Floor of the House. I'm not going to delve into the numbers of the debt ceiling, for you all can read that on whichever source you choose. What many of your outside sources will not tell you is the name of the bill itself. It is entitled, "To … Read More

via (B)LogtheLeg

2 thoughts on “What on earth is S365? (via (B)LogtheLeg)

  1. Andrew

    I must disagree with you here. I think part of our problem is that there are too many people with college degrees. Its become so easy to get money for a degree. Mix that with the ever popular myth, that my generation was raised with, that it takes a college degree, ANY college degree, to be happy and successful in this country, and you get the problem we have today. The result of that is that a good percentage of my generation (especially the ones who opted to go the liberal arts route) is stuck not being able to find a job because most bachelors degrees are a dime a dozen now.

    One area that I agree we need to refocus our educational efforts is in making the youth aware of the various trades and skilled labor jobs that are out there. Nowadays, an experienced machinist is, on average, making just as much money as the engineer who directs him. We have a country that is around 10% unemployment, yet there is a shortage of people willing to learn to be carpenters, electricians, welders, machinists, etc. I think it goes back to this idea, that my generation was raised with, that if you have a RIGHT to a cushy, comfortable, and successful job…. if only you go and get your college degree.


  2. I rather think that students should pursue a college education as it’s quite easier for them to find stable jobs in the future. It may seem expensive now, but it’s a good investment. Besides, there are a lot of scholarships and grants to aid them financially.


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