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It has been some years, more than I care to remember, since I went to college. I thought I was in heaven, and I’ve never forgotten how it felt those first few days when I discovered that my professors actually thought I was bright.

Here we have a student embarking on a new career path. One day soon, college may become a simple matter of computer assisted tests and internet presentations with the personal removed, no more lecture, no more exchange of ideas between teacher and student, and no more of the power and enthusiasm of teaching at its best. But we are not there yet and so his experience will be similar to mine, a path of self discovery with the pleasure of being taught.

I wish him well and suggest his essay as an example of a thinking human being, in short, a rare individual.

James Pilant

Well, my last day of employment at Coors of Western Arkansas was on Friday. I began that job a year ago when I  was still under the false impression that I wanted to work my way up in the work force. I thought: "I might like it better than the restaurant business." I was dead wrong. Despite the fact that I was a salesman, 80% of my day was stocking shelves. Which I found to be less than intellectually stimulating. So now it is Monday and I'm abou … Read More

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