Discrimination Against Women Alive and Well in the Sciences

Science documents discrimination against women in science « Kay Steiger

This means men were deemed more qualified and competent in a science setting, even if women were making the judgement. Study participants also dramatically increased the recommended salary for men. The researchers concluded, “These results suggest that interventions addressing faculty gender bias might advance the goal of increasing the participation of women in science.”

The problem of increasing women in the sciences has been a long and highly contested one. Lots point to conflicts between family and work, but this study seems to say that there are still underlying biases based simply on perception of gender, regardless of whether that person has children.

Science documents discrimination against women in science « Kay Steiger


Discrimination against women should be gone by now.

Discrimination against women, even by other women in the sciences, continues. It is a very sad thing. It has been several hundred years of struggle for women to rise above the status of cattle. This is evidence that the struggle has years to go and its success is by no means guaranteed.

There is much that remains to be done. Let us carry the struggle forward with confidence in the inherent goodness of humanity and faith in the future.

James Pilant

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