State Rep. David Campbell, Convicted for Duck hit and run

State Rep. David Campbell, Convicted for Duck hit and run

This is my second posting on this subject and it might well be asked, why the writer of a business ethics blog takes such an interest in a duck slaughter? First, I just naturally side with the underdog. After all, a BMW has a enormous advantage in a confrontation with ducks. Second, justice is important to me. I want to see that it is done. I suspect that a lot of people have cruelly and with malice and forethought run over animals and have never suffered any consequences. And third, I want this cautionary tale to be spread as wide as possible. After all there are a lot of ducks and a lot of cars. Maybe we could all be a little kinder in our actions regarding our animal brethren.

James Pilant

State rep. pleads no contest to killing five ducks with his car at Nashua hotel, –

State Rep. David Campbell told police he consumed two alcoholic drinks before striking a group of ducks with his car outside the Crowne Plaza Hotel last month, but said he wasn’t intoxicated.Police records released Friday show that Campbell, a Nashua Democrat, killed five birds outside the hotel’s main entrance on Dec. 23 before leaving the scene and calling Nashua Police Commissioner Thomas J. Pappas, a longtime friend, to escort him away from the area.After an investigation that lasted 16 days, police cited Campbell on Thursday for killing waterfowl out of season, but cleared him of any motor vehicle charges.Nashua Police Capt. George McCarthy said police investigated all aspects of the case, including the fact that Campbell had been drinking before the incident, but determined the offseason hunting charge was most appropriate.“Attempts were made to try to determine all elements of the investigation,” McCarthy said. “Sometimes circumstances prevent us from, you know, following through with determining certain things, and it’s my understanding, in reading the investigation, that he wasn’t available at the time to speak with us.”Campbell was cited by Nashua police for killing five migratory game birds, namely the friendly mallard ducks that swim in the pond in front of the hotel. Campbell appeared in court Friday morning to answer the offense, and paid a $695 fine.Campbell offered a public apology for killing the ducks, and said he donated an equal amount of money to New Hampshire Audubon.

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