Why Am I Reading Salon?

Why Am I Reading Salon?

Maybe I like being mistreated? Maybe I have an innate sense that things are going too well and I need to put my life back in perspective?

What’s my problem, you ask. Well, Salon’s web site is still crashing my browser but I’m used to that now. However, they have developed new methods of making me unhappy.

As an author, I will pull up Salon and have individual tabs for four or more articles that I am reviewing for use in my blog. In what can be described as sadistic cruelty, advertisements now play at random times. That’s right! You can be sitting peacefully at your computer, working your way through the web, grooving down on a little Van Morrison, when you suddenly begin hearing theme music from a commercial narrated by really annoying people.

But it gets better. Not only do you not know which tab hides the commercial, if you find the right tab, the annoying ad could be anywhere in it: top, bottom, in the middle, left or right, or it can be camouflaged.

So, I’m playing a game of whack-a-mole with Salon, and they don’t even keep score.

I’m still reading Salon because I like the articles but I can’t recommend to just anybody. If you like me play music while working on the computer (I’ve maintained this blog for four years – it’s work – trust me.), it might be better to give it a miss. Van Morrison’s “Bright Side of the Road,” doesn’t sound as good with a commercial fighting it for attention.

James Pilant

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