“Talking Ethics” Discusses the Sterling Affair

008-1“Talking Ethics” Discusses the Sterling Affair

Mark Willen’s Blog, “Talking Ethics” has a new post about the basketball team owner, Donald Sterling. He lists five ethics failures associated with the scandal. As you can see with a quick glance at the quote from his blog below, I have only included the first two. That’s because I want you to go to his blog for the other three. I want you to visit, look around and maybe sign up as a follower or read some of his other postings.

He writes essays that I find interesting and enjoyable.

James Pilant

Five Ethical Failures in the Sterling Affair | Talking Ethics

The NBA’s decision to ban Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, is a reasonable first step, but it doesn’t begin to deal effectively with the underlying problems – or even address some of the ethical failures by the too-many actors involved.

Five separate failures immediately come to mind.

1. Sterling’s comments. Now that Sterling has acknowledged that it really is his voice on the tape, there can be no explaining or excusing his views, nor any separate ethical acts he committed be used to mitigate the harm. Racism is inherently unethical, and we’re all obliged to help limit its harm.

2. The NBA’s past actions. While the lifetime ban announced today and the move to end Sterling’s ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers is a big step in the right direction, one has to wonder why the NBA didn’t act a lot earlier. Sterling’s long history of racism was no secret to the league and the other owners. A string of lawsuits for sexual harassment and housing discrimination, including one that led to a $2.76 million settlement with the federal government, provided plenty of reasons to act a long time ago. …

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i_236These are sad days in the NBA playoffs this year,
and not just because the Knicks did not make it (Knickstape).
I’m sure by now everyone who is a fan of basketball and even those who are not, have heard the comments made by LA clipper owner Donald Sterling.

Sterling told his Black and Mexican girlfriend he does NOT want her bringing black people to his games including Magic Johnson in whom she took a Instagram photo with. This statement was recorded and is now being broadcasted all over. No action has been taken yet in any suspension or fine against Sterling. (Yet they will fine JR smith in a hurry for blinking too hard). Apparently they are running a full investigation. Which to me is pointless, it is him and we all know it. He has a very distinct voice so what are we investigating? Hopefully action will be taken sooner than later, as Adam Silver announces “it will move quickly”. Sterling has also been caught in the past making other racist like gestures.

I am positive there are many racist around us daily but as a owner of a NBA team, you should at least try to curve your hatred toward African Americans. The NBA is 78% black. It is horrifying to know that you can say such horrible things to a black woman about black people, when you work with and root for them everyday. What kind of person is Donald Sterling? I say the kind of person that needs to be not suspended, not fined but fired from his position as owner of the LA clippers. There is no room for racist in basketball. This is the one place everyone can come together and forget about color forget about anything. In this game you aren’t judged by who you are but how you can handle a ball. It’s a team.